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Sever's Fall Festival

Sever's Fall Festival came to us for a total re-imagining of their web presence and branding.

After 20 years, Sever’s Family Farms ditched the clip art and we made a complete rebuild of their digital presence.

People First

Sever's identified one core problem: their Fall Festival, which included many different attractions and activities, had become known exclusively as a Corn Maze. They offer so much more. We revamped everything from their domain structure to their databases, from their branding to their website. It was a complete digital restructuring.

The Sever's staff was spending an unbelievable amount of time fielding phone calls because their site didn't contain enough information for the average visitor. (The average visitor was already on their way to the Fall Festival, trying to use an old non-responsive site.)

We took advantage of their incredible visual media, a treasure trove of 20 years' worth of images and video, to showcase the Fall Festival.

The Fall Festival is a labor of love, like every small family-owned business, but the clip art on their old site wasn't showcasing any of the human effort (hello, drone videos of hand-planted corn mazes) or the joy of being there as a visitor (hello, toddler in a corn pit).



Brand Elevation

Sever's Fall Festival has many elements that lend themselves to work well with a brand—the colors, themes, season. Pulling from those elements, we landed on a bright color palette featuring a primary color of orange, with secondary colors of green, blue and grey.

The mark needed to be clean, modern and friendly while still paying homage to the corn maze which started it all, without featuring it too prominently.

Since about half of their visitors use the web on mobile devices, we implemented styles that would allow the site to work on everything from a 30" 4K display to a phone.


Fun and Games

We also re-engineered a small Maze Challenge game. We leveraged our proprietary content management system to limit participants to one entry per year and allow Sever's to access contestants' data and choose winners at random. In addition, we scrubbed their data and migrated their database of over 8,000 newsletter contacts. To extract the data, we built integrations so Sever's can either export a CSV or link a specific list directly to Mailchimp, Mailgun or Constant Contact.

Since we built it, we can add any other integrations that Sever's might need down the road. (File under: tooting our own fully-customizable horn.)


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