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Feature 1: Sever’s Fall Festival

My case studies for the National Machine website synopsize NM’s work and the client’s goals (with a splash of sass because NM gets down like that).

In this case study, I review the process from initial meeting through product delivery for Sever’s Fall Festival. Sever’s is a family-owned business which was badly in need of a tech makeover in time for their 20th anniversary.

Feature 2: Matt blum photography

Choosing the right images (and a few purposeful words) lets the photos speak for themselves. The goal was to make Matt Blum Photography’s website as clear, concise and elegant as possible, to hit Matt’s target clientele.

Matt’s motto as the photographer: Get out of the way and let your client’s stories come through. My motto for this project: Say less. Show more.

Feature 3: BCD Homes

The BCD Homes site lets prospective buyers go behind-the-scenes to learn a bit about the thoughtful process of making houses into homes.

BCD provides the outline of the content and I help reshape the message to include some softer, more emotionally engaging language because homeownership is not all about the mortgage. If you want people in your homes, we have to pull some heart strings.